Are You Making Cold Calling Tougher By Making These Six Common Cold Call Errors?

They taught us wrong! We have to change our cold call approach if we want to sell more. Whether you are cold calling in person or by telephone, there are several common errors many salespeople make that are easy to avoid. Some things that costs us sales in cold calling seem like good ideas but cause failure and frustration. here are a few cold calling errors to avoid and techniques to consider that will increase your cold calling success rate.

Leading With Your Company

If you mention your company in the opening , you are asking for rejection. For example, if you say, “Hi, I am Carl Davidson from Ace Life Insurance”, the buying resistance of your prospect just went way up. They can say, “I don’t want insurance” and it’s all over before it began. Try just using your name and then asking a question or stating your purpose. “Hello, my name is Carl Davidson and I am asking attorneys in this building if they have had a recent problem with computer security”

Asking Insincere Questions

Don’t start with insincere questions like, “how are you?”. You aren’t really asking about their health and it starts the conversation on an awkward basis. It raises resistance and increases the odds of failure.

Asking If Now Is A Good Time

When you ask if now is a good time, you are giving them the ultimate out. It’s just too easy for them to say they are tied up and get rid of you. Eliminate this question and make them come up with their own excuses. You’ll get enough without helping.

Talking About What Interests You

Never talk about what interests you. It’s all about the prospect. Beware of sentences that begin with “I” or “we”. Here is a terrible opening, “I am here to show you our new line of office supplies”. How nice for you. What’s in it for your prospect to listen? Make sure everything you say has a benefit for your prospect, not for you.

Having No Reason For Calling

You need to have a reason for calling or stopping by. Why are you there? Did you pick them at random? You will do much better if you have a reason. For example, if you are calling on an attorney, you might say, “I was just down the hall at Swartz And Brown helping them with their computer security and I have a few minutes before my next appointment. When that happens, the company allows me to do a $125.00 professional security audit for a neighboring firm at absolutely no cost. When was the last time you had your security professionally checked?”

Asking, Not Offering

Remember that in the first contact, you should be giving not taking. Don’t ask for an appointment or a sale without giving something that establishes you as an expert, earns trust and makes them glad you came by. It could be an equipment check, it could be a report on how to save 10% on their benefits, it could be a software tool they need. Be sure to offer something before you ask for anything.

It is possible to increase your cold call success but you must stop doing what you have always done. If what you have been doing is no longer working than it is time for a new strategy. Give these techniques a try. Avoid these cold calling errors and it will help you get more appointments and sales.

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