Jump Start Your Marketing Campaign with a Telemarketing List

Get a good list!If you want to jump start a marketing campaign then you should explore what telemarketing lists have to offer. A telemarketing list is a list of the names and phone numbers of consumers or businesses in your target market. This list can serve as your initial database.

Next, you should consider hiring an outside telemarketing services firm to contact your list.

Why Should You Hire an Outside Telemarketing Services Firm?

Unless your company has an in house telemarketing division you may also want to hire a telemarketing services company to make outbound and/or take inbound telephone calls. An effective telemarketing services company can add significant profits to your company’s bottom line because telemarketing itself is a very cost effective marketing strategy.


And because telemarketing services companies already have large scale call centers set up you will be able to capitalize on their economy of operations. Your company won’t have to invest in additional office space, phone lines, furniture, sophisticated information and telecommunications systems, computers, and telemarketing software. And it won’t be necessary to train a telemarketing staff.

What Are the Advantages of Telemarketing?

One of the advantages of telemarketing is that you can adjust your strategy as you analyze the telemarketing services firms’ results. Since telemarketers get immediate responses from a captive audience, you can have the telemarketers conduct surveys to find out what your prospects want, generate leads, have the people they speak with register for seminars, and more.

What is a Telemarketing List?

A telemarketing list is usually grouped according to the geographical location within which your prospect resides. This naturally makes it easier for you to target a specific area where your service or product is most likely to be popular. You can also rent telemarketing lists that target potential non-commercial clients by their age, occupation, in addition to their annual income.

What Is the Best Source for Telemarketing Lists?

List brokers are your best source for your telemarketing lists because they have the most up to date information. They can also help you focus on the geographic area you want to market to. Telemarketing list compilation has become a highly specialized field so it is not something you should attempt yourself if you want to get the best results.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Telemarketing List?

List brokers compile and rent their lists to telemarketing companies. Although prices vary, you can anticipate that the “average” telemarketing list will cost between thirty five and forty five dollars per thousand names.

The more focused your list is the more it will cost. For example, if, in addition to age, occupation, and income parameters, you would like to have your list include car owners, or people with poor credit, or homes where there are school aged children, the list will cost more to rent. But it will also be worth considerably more as far as your profits are concerned.

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