Killer Tips to Master Your Voice For “Over the Phone” Marketing

Doing phone calls can be the most terrifying part of marketing. It is possibly the most critical link in the sales process. So it is very important when making calls to portray the right image. When you learn to control your voice, then you can master your calls for success. You need to sound confident, business like, in control but not over bearing.

The person you are speaking to can only tell what you are like by the sound of your voice. That’s all. They can’t see you so unless they have a picture of you or have meet you before they have no idea what sort of person you are.

You only have your voice to use, so master your voice to portray the right image with these tips.

I recommend using a tape recorder so you can record your voice. Read a passage say from your sales manual. Listen to it. Scary isn’t it. That is how you sound. What sort of image do you portray? Does your voice drone or just plain boring that even you wouldn’t take notice of? The first time I did this I was amazed to find my voice was high pitched; I talked too fast and mumbled. Honestly even I could hardly understand what I was saying.

Some points to note are:

• Make sure your words are clearly understood. Note here that the person you are speaking to may have English as a 2ND language or have a hearing disability.

• Speak slowly if necessary. It is not a race!

• Remember to breath! It is amazing how people at the other end of the phone can tell if you are not breathing naturally. Work out your pauses so the breath spaces come in naturally with the text.

• Stuttering. It can be a real problem for some. It is important not to fight the stutter just accept it. The person on the other end will respect you all the more for trying.

• Accents. I have a New Zealand accent and when I first started network marketing I was very conscious of it. But really everyone has an accent no matter where they live. The important thing to note here is can others understand you in other parts of the world. You may need to practise to master this.

• Try to get peoples names right before you ring. This is a real issue for me so I ring some friends first and then practise the name till it sounds right. This is very important.

• Alter your notes where you can so the text you are reading from resonates well with you. Is it how you talk, altering words so they are what you would use. You want the words to sound natural.

A good exercise to do is to read a passage smiling as you read it the not smiling. Listen to the difference. What works best for you? I know when I smile my voice sound lighter in tone. You try.

Now start playing with your voice recordings of your sales sheet. Read your sales text sheet and record again and again. Imagine you are the person on the other end of the phone. Ask yourself “How do I sound?”

When you think your recording sounds right get someone you respect to listen and advise. Get your voice right, to sound confident and in control. Now you can pick up the phone and make those “Killer” calls!

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