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Amazing Techniques to Master Your Voice For “The Telephone”

Phone calls can often be the most horrifying process of marketing. It is likely the most important part in the sales process. The listener that you are talking to can only visualize what you are like by the sound and tone of your voice. That’s all they can picture at that point. So it is […]

Sales pitch script

Get a winning ‘Sales Pitch Script’ One of the things that we get asked the most, is can you provide me with a good sales pitch script. Now quite often we say that a good telemarketing or cold call script, can not be written up as easy as that. There are many things to consider what you would like to go […]

Why your cold calling is failing you?

Why your cold calling is failing you – and how applying these five special tips can change everything It is well known that Cold Calling and Telemarketing are not as easy as they look. Telemarketinginvolves talking on the phone to a particular person you don’t know and looking to convince them to buy a product, start using a service, or register for a special […]

How To Overcome The Fear Of Cold Calling

In this article today I would like to discuss several tips, tricks, and techniques that just about anybody can use to overcome the fear of cold calling. Nobody likes cold calling right away. In fact most people absolutely hate it, I mean loathe it with every ounce of their being. You’re basically calling up strangers […]

Telecalling Scripts That Get Results

One of the hardest things about cold calling or prospecting over the phone, is to get the script just right. Telecalling scripts tend to work best in most telemarketing campaigns. The problem is, how to create or find a telecalling script that works for you. Where can I find a good telecalling script? The first place to start is obviously online. There’s a wealth of information out […]

B2B Telemarketing and Choosing the Right Telemarketing firms

How to get maximum results in B2B Telemarketing If you’re a business owner, at some point you may need to consider some b2b Telemarketing. This stands for Business-to-Business and you can find many outbound telemarketing firms that will offer you this service. But how can you ensure that these telemarketing services can offer you the best return on investment? Well, that can […]

Five Methods of Cold Calling Success

A cold calling list is a list of numbers that you need to call without the people’s prior consent. Somehow they got on the list, maybe because they are a present customer, but now you need to try and get them to upgrade. A lot of cable and phone companies will have dozens and dozens of people that just do cold […]

Cold Calling Tips for Lazy People

If you are time-challenged or just pure lazy – here are some powerful cold calling tips. There comes a time in a sales person’s career, when cold calling has to be done. In all the years of selling and teaching individuals how to cold call, I have yet to meet anyone who likes it. If you’re anything like other […]

Cold Calling – Tips For Small Business Owners

Cold Call is a method of sales in which the sales personal or the marketer calls or visits someone who is not expecting to be contacted. After the rise of internet services and online social media networking many businesses at once thought that cold calling is an obsolete method of making business and it is no more […]

7 Cold Calling Secrets Even the Sales Gurus Don’t Know

More and more e-mails are arriving in my in-box from people who hate cold calling. Here’s what they’re saying: o “Cold calling terrifies me.” o “The phone feels like a 10,000-pound weight.” o “Every time I have to make a cold call, I freeze up.” o “I feel like a fraud when I’m cold calling.” o “I […]