The Four Covert Skills of Telemarketing

Most prospects do not want to feel as though they are being sold to, they want to believe as though they are being looked after and served.

On any given day a person is met by thousands of commercials for the next big thing so it is no wonder that when it comes to sales, a prospect could be unresponsive when they are called.

Teachers in telemarketing and telesales training will emphasize, but also make students aware that as a telemarketing consultant there can be a lots happening and going on this prospects life, and if they are cold and never take it personally.

There are a number of reasons why a person will triumphantly reach their sales and personal goals.

 Below are 5 covert key steps to follow to essentially reach your goals in cold calling over the phone.

1. You’ve probably heard it all before but, AIDA – get their attention. Be mindful of the first few seconds of the call as this may find out whether the caller will take the time to speak with you.

Begin by explaining who you are, your organisation/business and how the prospect can benefit from you.

This is a vital and decisive step as prospects need a obvious reason to take time from their hectic timetable.

If the prospect cannot see “what’s in it for them” they will not be prepared to give you the time you need on the phone call.

2. Create acceptability and trust. Be brief and to straight to the point that you are a well respected company with a proven track record.

3. State a solid purpose. You want to see whether their requirements meet those that your service and or product could provide. Try to forget selling and pitching and concentrate on listening and providing a service.

4. Gather data and information. Bare in mind that some prospects are not suitable to your product or service. To find out whether they are just ask qualifying questions about their current requirements and situation. Questions like these, (criteria elicitation) show your interest whilst adding to their desire to feel appreciated.

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