Top 5 Reasons Why Your “Cold Calling” May Suck!

So let me guess . . . you’re here because of two things. 1)You was lured by the catchy title? And 2) Your “cold calling” efforts are driving you insane trying to get more prospects?

Either way, you are about to learn why most people absolutely suck at “cold calling” . . .

Cold calling” is without doubt one of the hardest things that you can ever do in sales. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things anyone can do in business – full stop!!

What makes it so challenging? Why can prospects be so heartless and not listen to our message? Why do some customers hang up the phone on you? These are questions that many ask. But the answers are quite simple. Now you are going to learn the 10 reasons why most people suck at cold calling. They are not in any particular order. But they are all deadly cold calling sins.

Number #1  When you call up a buyer and get the secretary instead, you find yourself explaining who you are and why you have called out of pure embarresment. Maybe they asked you, “what’s the reason for your call?” Then 95% of sales people begin to ramble on.

NEVER discuss with anyone but the decision maker, (persuming you know who it is) why you are calling!!!!!! Secretaries, colleagues and gatekeepers are not there to be sold to. All you have to do is politely respond by saying, “I won’t bore you with the details – it’s quite long winded. Is he available or shall I call back?

This will throw them so off guard, they won’t know how to respond.

Number #2 Going for the “Close” straight away!

Nobody really succeeds on a regular basis by closing the prospect on the very first call/visit. But so many try to and fail around 80% of the time. To understand cold calling success, you have to understand buying mentality. We are all buyers so you need to flip it around. Would you like a complete stranger closing you within 3 minutes of speaking for the first time? No, of course not!

Instead, use need/benefit questions to uncover your buyers motives. This way you will ascertain if your product/service and the buyer are a good fit.

Reason #3 Reading from a script

Are you an actor? Do you need to learn lines for a living? No! Only actors read from a script and know in advance the outcome of a conversation.

All you need to do is have a short introduction – an opener – a benefit statement – and a question. From then on the conversation can take many twists and turns.

When most telemarketing hire newbies, they plonk an outdated script in front of them and ask them to digest it. After a short while memorising the script, the newbie picks up the phone and dials. As soon as the newbie has finished reading the script, (usually in robotic fashion) the prospect can often throw them off guard.

This is the real world. It’s not role play out there. So always be prepared to stray from your sales message at any given time.

Reason #4 The “So how are you today?” mistake.

Ah, this is classic cheese. It’s cheese phrase number one, and public enemy to any cold caller. Do you really give a hoot how they are? Afterall, they’re just a complete stranger.

And most likely your prospect will cringe at the question. It’s phoney, invasive and be-littles the cold caller.

Instead, the only question that you should ask is, “Have I caught you in the middle of something Mr Jones?” This is in fact a great question in cold calling. It does two things. 1) It lets you know whether your prospect will give you the time to listen to you. And 2) It shows great awareness and politeness that you are taking up their time. 9 times out of 10 they will answer with no and listen to your call. Try it!

Reason # 5  Calling at the wrong time of day.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure about putting this one in. But if I didn’t then I would be concealling from you one of the best things you can do in cold calling.

Here’s the deal. When you cold call a business, chances are you need to speak to the main decision maker. This person is most likely a manager. Most managers will have someone screen calls for them. They come in all shapes and are called, secretaries, interns and office juniors. In our business we call them ‘gatekeepers’.

So on a normal 9 to 5 working day, our gatekeeper is working 8 hours with a 1 hour lunch break. They are usually the last in and the first out of the door every day. Do yourself a favor, don’t call during this time unless its lunchtime. They have amazing powers of ’salespeople deflection’.

Before 9am and after 5pm are your most effective chances of getting a one-on-one converstaion with the decision maker. This is a tried and tested chestnut that works.

I hope that you find some great tips amongst these common mistakes. Cold calling is definately an art and takes time to learn, so spend the time perfecting it and your sales will sky rocket!

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