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Get a winning ‘Sales Pitch Script

One of the things that we get asked the most, is can you provide me with a good sales pitch script. Now quite often we say that a good telemarketing or cold call script, can not be written up as easy as that. There are many things to consider what you would like to go into your sales pitch script. Read on to find out how you can create your own winning script.

Do you have an effective cold calling script that makes you feel confident when you pick up the phone?

Or are you afraid and feeling like your telephone weighs twenty pounds? A key to building confidence and overcoming the fear of the phone is to have an effective cold calling script.Although there are more effective ways of reaching prospects, the cold call can still make you money if you have the right script.

However, having a cold calling script is not the end all. You need to practice your script over and over until it flows off your tongue. You don’t want to sound like one of those telemarketers reading the words regardless of what you say.

Cold Calling Script OutlineFirst you should do your homework and find out who the decision maker in the company is and ask for them personally when you call. Address them as Mr. or Ms. and their last name. Then give them your name and company and thank them for their time and let them know you will be brief.You should further introduce your self with a short commercial.

One sentence that sums up simply and clearly how you can help them solve a problem.Next ask them a closing question which further shows the benefits of your product or service.If you get a positive response, close for the appointment. If you get a no, then you should have another question prepared stating another benefit of your product or service or be direct and if the benefit you are offering important to them?

Also let them know that the appointment they are setting will be brief.I have many times said to prospects… I need about 10 minutes of your time to show you the benefits of my product or service. At the end of the ten minutes if you believe our product or service is not for you I’ll leave.Is that fair? Be prepared with answers to their objections ahead of time.

You know what they are so be ready with answers.Sample Cold Calling ScriptGood morning Mr. James, My name is Sally Jones with Lessmony.I appreciate you giving me a moment of your valuable time this morning. I promise to be brief.I specialize in helping trucking companies boost productivity and reduce costs.

If I could show you a way to improve productivity and reduce fuel and mobile phone costs, would you be interested?(If you get a yes, close for the appointment.)I need about 10 minutes of your time to show you the benefits of my product or service. At the end of the ten minutes if you believe our product or service is not for you I’ll leave.Is that fair? Would tommorrow at 10:15 be good or would Wednesday at 2:45 be better?(Then thank them and restate the time and the location of their office.)Great, I will see you Wednesday the 29th, 2:45 at 2006 Clearwater Avenue.(If you get a no, ask another benefit question or rephrase your first question)

So, improving productivity and reducing fuel and mobile phone costs isn’t important to you?If you feel you may have a good prospect, keep closing, if not hang up and move on to the next.Much of your success in sales will be determined by how much you prepare. This cold calling script is only one of many, however, it will give you a template to use to get started. Get a script that works for you, memorize it and use it to convert more of your calls to appointments.

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