Cold Calling Tips – We Want More Customers

How often do you ask yourself, “I wish I had more customers?” I bet that if you are in sales it is most likely a lot. We are constantly told that there is enough customers to go around for everyone, yet no matter how hard you try there never seems enough.

I think that worrying about customers, (or lack of) can work against most salespeople. In my seminars I see many salespeople who want to master the art of cold calling. They want instant results – today! But the reality is often different. Just tweaking a few phone skills here and some cold calling skills there, doesn’t bring in the dough overnight.

The most succesful closers of new business often worry very little about how many new customers they are getting. Instead they think differently. They think about the action needed to start the process. Yes, that’s right . . . action

Without the first initial step of action, no business can survive. All the sales books and all the tea in china cannot get you more customers without it. Once you’ve taken the decision to act the cold calling process then begins.

So in a nutshell make sure you stop worrying and start acting instead. The customers ate then only round the corner.

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